It's all about storytelling.

Whether that be on page, online, or on camera, the goal is always to turn what can be dry, complicated material into something fun and easy to digest for wide audiences.


Stewart Bailey

Co-Executive Producer
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

I’ve had the genuine pleasure of working with Bob at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. This is a job that took full advantage of Bob’s skills as a performer, writer, collaborator. Bob’s borderline Puritan work ethic and fearlessness as a correspondent set him apart, making him someone our entire team loved to work with.

Bob has a healthy respect for everyone’s contributions, and as a manager, that makes him a joy to have on your team. He’s incredibly talented, funny, thoughtful and kind.

If you ever have the chance to work with this good-natured Midwestern fella, take it!

MJ Hurley

Executive Trainer
Hurley Write, Inc.

Bob has traveled the globe helping executives at several Fortune 100 companies get better at public speaking. His experience and know-how in this arena are second-to-none. If you're looking for an authority on presentation skills, Bob's your guy!

Rebecca Nigel

Senior Account Director
Evoke MicroMass

As a former journalist, Bob does an outstanding job of producing compelling content on tight turnarounds. He's creative, curious, and kind. His ability to connect with people and tell their stories in powerful ways results in marketing content that is a difference-maker in the marketplace.

More than that, Bob is a genuine pleasure to work alongside. He gets the need to balance precision and speed with the human element in everything he does. He is an invaluable asset to any team that cares about driving innovation and growth.

Uwe Mayer

Cybersecurity Products & Solutions

What a training Bob delivered! Everyone loved the class, and everyone loved Bob. Me too! We brought him back many times to lead this training, and people still remember him. Bob is an amazing coach who made everybody a better presenter. An amazing teacher, creative, inclusive, warmhearted, always building on the positive – that’s Bob. I’d bring him back in a heartbeat.